My name is Cristian Gherghina,

As of Nov 2014 I joined Google Switzerland as an Engineer.

Previously, from October 2013 until October 2014, I worked as research fellow at Singapore University of Technology and Design .

And before I was a researcher at Computer Science Department of School of Computing, National University of Singapore working in the HIP/SLEEK separation logic verifier project, led by Professor Wei-Ngan Chin. In Nov 2012 I successfully defended my Ph.D. thesis, "Efficiently Verifying Programs with Rich Control Flows" which was developed under the supervision of Professor Wei-Ngan Chin.

My research interests are mostly focused on formal methods used in programming languages. They include programming languages semantics, specification logics, program verification, static analysis. More specifically I was involved in the development of richer specification logics aimed at helping program verifiers handle richer programming languages. I am working on making use of separation logic variants in order to verify functional correctenss of java-like programs. As such I am one of the people engaged in developing the sleek separation logic entaliment checker and hip program verifier.